SME's Tank Cleaning and Fuel Restoration Technology

Remediate phase separation

Eliminate problems with blocked filters

Remediate and re-sell degraded fuel stock

Improve the functionality of pumps and ATGs

Eliminate costly insurance claims from vehicles breaking down

Reduce the reoccurrence rate of microbial growth to almost zero

Kill and remove microbial growth and the environment they live in

Eliminate power outages involving critical emergency power backup systems

Improve the cost effectiveness of free phase water removal from tanks safely

The SME Advantage

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Tank cleaning and fuel restoration has evolved significantly over the last decade. In years gone by simply pumping free water from the tank floor was considered a sufficient method of maintaining a 'clean tank', which slowly evolved into one of the many variants of fuel filtration.

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SME utilizing the Leighton O'Brien's patented technology changes customer expectations. With the introduction of ethanol, biofuels and modern additives, simply filtering the fuel is no longer enough to offer a premium tank cleaning and fuel restoration service.

Tank & Fuel Report

June 1, 2016

Certified Report No. 111123

Fueling Facility 123

5555 W Main Street

Town, WA 99999

Service Date: May 27th, 2016

Customer Contact: Joe Smith

Before & After


The Three Stage Process

Stage One

First we safely remove 




by traversing 100% of the tank floor​

​The waste material that is removed from the
tank floor is safely stored in a settlement tank.​


Stage Two

The fuel is safely circulated through clear hoses
in a multifaceted process - including:


Fuel Conditioning


safely removing emulsified water and small
particulate matter down to five* micron size

*Available down to two micron size

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Stage Three

Finally, the remaining fuel in the holding tank is safely drawn off the top, and run through the complete process, treated and returned to the tank.

Meaning only waste is removed and all of your fuel is returned to the tank. Saving you fuel loss and cutting the cost of disposal.


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